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What are Public Event Timelines (aka PETs)?
We are more easily touched by events around the globe than ever before. Where were you, for example, when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down? (That happened in November 1989.) How has that affected you? Answer: in ways you may not even be aware.

We all are influenced, to lesser or greater extents, by everything we experience—even indirectly. Whether it's the latest popular movie or El Niño's weather patterns, our lives are somehow impacted. That is why the makers of LivingTime, and other interested parties, have compiled timelines of various types of public events... to answer the question “what else was going on?”

New PETs are continually being added, and are made available on this site either free or for a modest price (usually just a couple dollars). We expect to have the following timeline sets available in the near future:
  • Awards: Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes (1944 on)
  • Awards: The Emmys, Tonys, & Grammys (1974 on)
  • Celebrity Obits (1960 on)
  • Celestial Events (1970 on)
  • Feature Movies(1960 on)
  • Financial Indicators (1940 on)
  • Music Hit Singles by Backbeat (1949 on)
  • Billboard Charts Top 100 Songs (1946 on)
  • Personal Computer Industry Milestones (1970 on)
  • Science, Invention and Technology (1960 on)
  • Space Exploration (1957 on)
  • Sports Records Smashed (1950 on)
  • TV Programs, First Seasons (1952 on)
  • U.S. Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen (1915 on)
  • U.S. Weather Patterns (1938 on)
  • Wall Street Journal Headlines (1925 on)
  • Wars, Conflicts, and Police Actions (1940 on)
  • World Events (1950 on)

The files in this Public Event Timeline Repository are formatted specifically for LivingTime, and thus access is granted only to LivingTime customers. When you registered LivingTime, your confirmation email also contained the UserID and Password to access this site. That information will be requested now, when you click the following link:

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Any or all of these Public Event Timelines can then be downloaded and imported, then conditionally searched to display along with any of your other timelines. You can distinguish each public event by its icon.